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Learn to Fly - Foo Fighters

Cover of "There Is Nothing Left to Lose"
Cover of There Is Nothing Left to Lose
I love the Foo Fighters, so this is a fanboy post - hope that's OK.

Any time I want to learn a Foo Fighters song, (which is: always) I go to the band's official tab site, where they've got it all, including guitar and bass tabs for all of their albums. Why don't more bands do this?


The official video for Learn to Fly sure fooled me. I was like, why is there an ad? Isn't that Jack Black? Is that the band in drag? It rewards close study.

When this video came out in 2009, the Foo Fighters were at the peak of their career. The song was originally released in 1999, from their amazing album, There Is Nothing Left To Lose, which I can listen to over and over.

Want to learn how to play the guitar parts? Marty will show you how to play the rhythm chords and how to get the "shimmah" you want. He goes in to some detail on chord formation and some tips on how to play it real nice, including strum patterns. Also shows how to play the second guitar part, using a bend, and a sweet little tag at the end of the riff. He doesn't neglect the bridge part either (around 8:17).

Album Info

Get the album from Amazon (your purchase helps this site and, of course, the Foo Fighters)\

Album Name: There Is Nothing Left To Lose
Label: RCA/Roswell Records
Release Date: 1999-11-02
US Billboard Peak: #10

Recorded at Studio 606 in Virginia, Spring 1999. Dave Grohl on vocals, guitars, drums; Nate Mendel plays bass and Taylor Hawkins plays drums. Produced by Adam Kasper.

You can also download the song only from Amazon: Learn To Fly ($1.29, last I checked, but I think the album is a better deal)


Check out the guitar and bass tabs for the whole album, There Is Nothing Left to Lose

Other Tabs

Singing and Drums

If you want to learn how to sing the song accurately, or want to learn a simplified version of the drum part, you can use the Rockband (version 1) video game -- it's part of the first version's default song list, and you can export it to version 2 and 3. I use Rockband to practice singing the song while I play the guitar part or bass part on my actual instruments, so I know I can do it live (the plastic instruments, besides the drums, are pretty silly).

Buy the software from Amazon: Rock Band for XBox 360; (other platforms available from that page, too). It's really cheap, but they won't have copies forever.

You can also download the song in Rocksmith, and learn the lead, rhythm and bass parts. 

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